Maybe you are in a rush and end up sending out a company mass email blast before thoroughly checking for mistakes. Or, perhaps you had too much coffee and your index finger is feeling a bit trigger-friendly this morning. Whatever the reason, it is very possible for you to send out an email blast you did not mean to. Well, today we are going to discuss how to recover from this heart-sinking mistake. Does this sound good to you? Then, continue reading today’s blog!

So, let’s say that one of those things happened to you… What do you do? How do you fix it?

You send everyone on your contacts list (personal and business) a picture of a baby kitten stuck in a mason jar, with the words “Oh, s***!” hovering in a speech bubble above its head.

Okay, maybe not. Although this image may be funny to a close friend, it could also offend many of your business contacts, potentially affecting your relationship with them.

That is one of many things that can go wrong when you send out an accidental email blast. You might accidentally send the wrong kinds of emails or use language that offends your recipients.

Lucky for you, the conversational nature of email is on your side. You can correct your mistake as soon as you recognize it. The key is to be prompt. A quick correction and apology can set things right. The sooner you send out the apology email, the more likely it is that the recipients will accept it and connect with your correction rather than your email blast mistake.

Not only do you want to give people accurate information, but you also want to get their forgiveness.  This is especially important if you have offended them or wasted their time. If done with some class [and perhaps some humor], an apology email can strengthen the relationship between you and the recipients.

Before sending out your apology email, make sure you proofread it! You do not want the slightest error in a correctional email.

Maybe the email blast was not of a kitten stuck in a mason jar… Maybe it was an email blast with the wrong date or time for an event, sent to the masses, and you need to correct it. In this case, just send out an email with the correct information. You do not necessary have to create a whole new email message from scratch. You can just fix the original message with the correct information and send it out again.

But, be sure to be clear about the correction you made to the recipient, and mention it in the subject line. It is a good idea to specify the error in the subject line because when the recipient sees “correction” in the subject, they will probably skip the first mistake email blast, and directly read the correct, follow-up email.

It also does not hurt to take an extra step and give the audience an apology offering, like a discount or deal of some sort from your business.

These people have invited you to share emails with them and they are likely to be forgiving of errors. A prompt apology will go a long way towards showing your customer the sincerity of you and your company.