Since prom and graduation season is approaching fast, now is a great time to run a direct mail campaign. Many high school proms are booked for late April/early June, with graduation close behind, so it helps to start planning as soon as you can if you want to run a campaign of your own. If you provide products and services that directly relate to prom and graduation, like dresses, tuxedos, limos, and flowers, don’t miss out on this important marketing season! Here are a few direct mail tips to get you started.

Know your target audience

Clearly you want high school students to purchase your products and services when it comes to prom and graduation, but remember that most students aren’t the ones footing the bill. Parents will most likely be the ones paying for dresses, tuxedos, limos, etc., so make sure you know who you’re trying to reach. If you’re a local store, target locations close to your area. By working with a reputable data company, you’ll be able to find households with high school aged students in your area who will be the most likely to purchase from you. Here at US Data Corporation, we provide precise targeting selects that allow companies to target households based on children’s ages, household income, and additional factors to help you build the perfect mailing list.

Come up with an enticing offer

There will be a lot of companies trying to reach the prom and graduation audience during this time, so make sure your offer stands out from the crowd. You need to come up with an offer or promotion that draws in your target audience and lets them know your offer isn’t one they should pass up. Try something like 20% off your services or offer group discounts to bring in more business. If applicable, make it possible for your recipients to purchase online and still redeem your promotions.

Secure a list as soon as possible

Finding the right mailing list for your direct mail campaign might take a little bit of time, and since prom and graduation season is approaching quickly, make sure you figure out this step if you want to start your campaign as soon as possible. Although you shouldn’t have the data company pull your list until you’re ready to begin your campaign in order to ensure the data is as up-to-date as possible, you can begin talking to them and figuring out targeting selects early on. Make sure you work with a reputable data company to find the exact list you’re looking for, so that you can get started on your campaign!

Draw your recipients in

Designing an intriguing direct mail piece takes some creativity, but focusing on your audience should help you come up with some great ideas. Since you’re focusing on prom and graduation, try to use images that focus directly on those events. Also, make it extremely clear what you’re offering for prom or graduation, and make that promotion the main focus of your copy. If your recipients don’t see your offer right away, they might miss out on your deals and promotions for the season.

Get involved in community functions

The best way to make your company known as the place to go for great prom deals is to get involved in community functions. If a local high school is running an auction to make money for prom, for example, donate something or get involved anyway you can. It could also be a big help to run your own event. If you sell dresses, consider inviting students and their parents to check out your selection ahead of time. Getting involved in community events will get your name out there and get people to think about your company in the future.

Running a direct mail campaign takes some time and preparation, so get started as soon as you can! Is your company planning a direct mail campaign for prom and/or graduation? What do you plan on doing? Share with us in the comments!