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Direct Mail Marketing: Tips to Boost Your Response Rates

Direct Mail Marketing: Tips to Boost Your Response Rates

Direct mail marketing is an integral part of a well-balanced marketing mix. However, just like any other marketing strategy, it won’t succeed without the right combination of elements. Follow these tips for your next direct mail marketing campaign and watch your response rates soar.

[VIDEO] 5 Types of Reps You'll Meet in the List Industry

[VIDEO] 5 Types of Reps You’ll Meet in the List Industry

Check out US Data’s new video featuring The Bad, The Worst and The Ugly sales reps. We’ve all been there… Whether...

Simple Ways to Improve your Business Blogging Efforts

If you’ve been business blogging for a while now and haven’t seen the engagement you’ve been hoping for, there might be...

Direct Mail Tips for Prom and Graduation Season

Since prom and graduation season is approaching fast, now is a great time to run a direct mail campaign. Many high...

4 Things Direct Mail Recipients Love

Even with the rise of email marketing over the years, people still love getting physical mail. Although it might seem easier...

Five Direct Mail Mistakes You Can Avoid

Running a direct mail campaign can often yield incredible results and kick-start an effective marketing campaign for your company—if you put...

Direct Marketing Campaigns: Learning From An Unsuccessful Campaign

Direct marketing campaigns can be an excellent way to generate potential customers and leads, but what should you do when you...

How To Choose A Marketing List That Works

When I think of choosing a marketing list for my business, I’m reminded of my baker friend, Emma, who once brought a platter of buttery, egg-based brownies to a party of strict vegans - all of whom politely declined. Was there anything wrong with Emma’s product? Not at all. I personally shoveled 4 of them into my mouth like I was suffering from a brownie deficiency. But even if you have a great offer and package it beautifully, it means nothing if you’re trying to deliver it to people who have no use for it. Here are some key reminders on how to choose a marketing list that won’t leave you with egg on your face:

Finding New Customers for the New Year

2013 is now in full swing, and as we all know, a new year is always a great time for new beginnings – and new customers. As the new year kicks in, this is the perfect time to refocus on marketing goals that you may have lost sight of in 2012, rekindle projects that got put on the backburner, and rejuvenate your customer base. Make new customer acquisition your priority in 2013 by following these 3 simple steps.

4 Cold Calling Mistakes That Will Waste Your Sales Leads

4 Cold Calling Mistakes That Will Waste Your Sales Leads

Purchasing a list of targeted sales leads is a great way to identify potential customers for your business, but what is the next step after you have already purchased that list? If your list includes verified phone numbers, a common response is to have your sales representatives begin cold calling that list. Cold calling can be a very effective way to utilize your sales leads. However, the practice of cold calling is often bogged down by outdated techniques that, more often than not, turn off prospects rather than engaging their interest. If you want your sales leads to live up to their full potential, make sure your sales staff doesn’t commit any of these cold calling faux pas.