Presidential candidates have a lot at stake when it comes to the success of their marketing campaigns, and it seems that, in the upcoming election, direct mail is still the marketing backbone that candidates turn to in times of need. Amidst accusations that mail has become obsolete, the 2012 presidential candidates’ marketing efforts paint a very different picture: Direct mail is a key component of every single candidate’s strategy. However, direct mail marketing is taking on a different face in this election, and that difference lies in the integration of direct mail and mobile marketing.

QR codes seem to be all the rage among direct marketers these days, and the presidential candidates are no exception. The key to success in direct mail marketing is, of course, audience targeting, and QR codes present a unique opportunity to personalize direct mail pieces. As each candidate reaches out to voters through direct mail, they are using QR codes to point those voters to political content about the issues that are most important to them or their community. This is marketing relevancy at its finest!

For marketers, the key takeaway here is that direct mail marketing is not headed for obsolescence; it is simply destined for further integration with other marketing venues. Technology is not replacing direct mail. Rather, it is giving customers, (or voters, as the case may be), a new means of interacting with direct mail, and giving marketers new potential for connecting with those customers on an even more personal level. If the 2012 presidential candidates are any indication of marketing trends, (and they should be!), direct mail marketing is alive and kicking, and technology is boosting its effectiveness.

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