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5 Best Practices for Writing Amazing Direct Marketing Copy

5 Best Practices for Writing Amazing Direct Marketing Copy

You have figured out who your main target audience is. You have your perfectly targeted mailing and/or email list ready. It’s...

Introduction to Mobile Email Optimization

Introduction to Mobile Email Optimization

Email reading rates on mobile devices has seen rapid growth in the past few years. According to EmailMonday, up to 70%...

5 Tips to Get Your Direct Marketing Campaigns Noticed

5 Tips to Get Your Direct Marketing Campaigns Noticed

Direct marketing campaigns are about making a direct connection with prospects and customers to promote your product and/or services. Direct marketing...

How to Increase Sales Through Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are not only a great way to build your brand and spread the word about your products and...

4 Reasons Businesses Shouldn’t Ignore Mobile Marketing

Today, consumers have more access than ever to information about products and services through their mobile devices. Since customers have a...

Mobile Marketing: Optimizing Your Web Presence for Mobile Usability

Mobile marketing can be defined as the process of marketing to people via their mobile devices, but there’s much more to...

5 Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Landing Pages

It’s no secret that mobile marketing is one of the biggest trends in the marketing world today. Even direct marketing purists are beginning to incorporate mobile into their marketing strategies, because there is no denying that consumers are accessing web pages and making purchases directly through their mobile phones in astonishing numbers. That being the case, it is more important than ever to make sure that you create mobile landing pages that are optimized for conversion, especially if you are running a marketing campaign that features a QR code. Don’t let those mobile visitors slip away because you weren’t prepared for them! Here are 5 tips to ensure that doesn’t happen.

B2B Mobile Marketing: The Elephant in the Room

Marketers these days can’t seem to praise mobile marketing highly enough, but there’s an elephant in the room that needs discussing: What about B2B mobile marketing? In the marketing blogosphere, mobile seems to be a dream-come-true for B2C marketing efforts, but no one is discussing how B2B can benefit from mobile marketing. Many B2B marketers are wondering if they should even bother with it. As it turns out, mobile marketing can and should be used for B2B marketing purposes, and here’s why.

Direct Mail: 2012 Presidential Candidates Use Tried-and-True Marketing Methods

Presidential candidates have a lot at stake when it comes to the success of their marketing campaigns, and it seems that, in the upcoming election, direct mail is still the marketing backbone that candidates turn to in times of need. Amidst accusations that direct mail has become obsolete, the 2012 presidential candidates’ marketing efforts paint a very different picture: Direct mail is a key component of every single candidate’s strategy.

Mobile Marketing at US Data Corporation

Though we aren’t new to the industry, many of you might not know that US Data Corporation offers record-breaking mobile marketing...