After you’ve done the research and you’ve selected your list provider, now it’s time to place your marketing list order. Consulting your list expert will help you along the way, but the following five tips will help you succeed with your next list purchase:

1. Have a marketing goal
2. Know your customer
3. Know how best to reach your customers
4. Have a clear and concise message or offer
5. Set realistic expectations for your ROI

Without a marketing goal, how do you know if you’ve succeeded? A clearly defined goal is a necessary first step in your marketing campaign. It’s also imperative to know what type of prospects suits your product or service. Targeting the wrong audience is one of the most frequent mistakes marketers make.

Knowing your customer means knowing how to reach them. Would a postal campaign, telemarketing campaign, email broadcast or text message broadcast be the most efficient way to reach your target audience? Think of your market’s age and habits – if you’re targeting consumers under the age of 25, text broadcasts might be a good option, whereas if you’re targeting over the age of 65, a traditional mailing campaign or a telemarketing campaign might be more effective.

Make sure your mail piece clearly displays your offer or message. You only have a few seconds to grasp your audience’s attention and if they can’t find what you’re selling immediately, in the trash your mail piece goes! Finally, expectation setting is very important. Ask your list expert what response rates they typically see on the file you are using and then calculate your minimum CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) based on this historical evidence. It will be clear if it makes sense to move forward with the campaign or if you need to reevaluate your approach.

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