Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, ties up the massive Thanksgiving sales weekend. Black Friday and Cyber Monday go hand-in-hand, so effectively integrating online marketing strategies to tackle these shopping holidays might serve your company well. Last year online sales for Cyber Monday reached 1.5 billion, marking an impressive increase of 30%, so it’s not a day you want your company to miss out on. Tackling Cyber Monday through online marketing is a great way to drive in more sales during this extremely competitive time.

Since many shoppers prefer to purchase online and avoid Black Friday crowds, Cyber Monday was created in order to cash in on this trend.  There are several ways you can approach this busy online shopping day and bring in more business for your company. Utilizing online marketing tactics will help you stay ahead of the curve and promote your Cyber Monday sales to your customers. Here are 4 effective ways to tackle a Cyber Monday online marketing campaign.

1) Promote ahead of time.

Just like you would with Black Friday, promote Cyber Monday in advance. You can combine those two campaigns, considering they’re both similar shopping days, but make sure you continue to remind customers about your Cyber Monday sales. Send out an email campaign that lets people get a sneak peek at what will be available on your site. Do whatever you can to get your potential customers interested.

2) Make sure your website is ready.

Whether you’re offering a percentage off or discounting certain items on your website, your Cyber Monday offers should entice people to shop with you instead of your competitors. This means you need to make sure your website is ready to go when Cyber Monday arrives. During the days before, highlight your Cyber Monday deals on a special landing page or directly from your main website. You can achieve this by clearly advertising your Cyber Monday deals and spelling out how much money your customers will save if they shop with you. Use enticing colors that will grab the attention of your visitors. If you don’t advertise your deals on your landing page, shoppers might assume you’re not offering any.

3) Switch up your promotions.

On Cyber Monday, Amazon cleverly changes their deals every half hour or so.  Offering a different promotion ensures that people will be revisiting your site and checking out your deals as often as possible. Also, think about including a free gift with every purchase, free shipping, or a free gift wrapping service. People will be more likely to buy from you if you offer these things, and you’ll stand out from your competitors.

4) Utilize social media.

It is essential that you tie in your Cyber Monday deals with your social media sites. Not only will you be able to inform your customers of your sales throughout that day, you’ll also make it easier for people to share your deals. Cyber Monday is the perfect time to utilize online marketing tactics and connect with your customers. People will be on the lookout for deals, so make it easy for them to find your company.

Cyber Monday caps off a busy holiday shopping weekend for many Americans. In order to maximize your company’s success, it helps to participate in all of these shopping days and cement yourself as a reliable business during this time. Use online marketing as a way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them updated on your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.