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4 Facebook Features You Can Use For Your Business

When utilized correctly, Facebook goes beyond casual social networking between family and friends. The massive social media site can be used...

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Integrating Direct Marketing and Content Marketing Strategies

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The Dreaded Deal Hunter: Why Direct Mail Coupons Are More Effective Than Daily Deal Sites

For a while, it seemed like I couldn’t go two days without hearing about some amazing deal one of my friends got on a daily deal site like Groupon or Living Social. Daily deals were all the rage, and businesses were raving about the enormous boost in business they had been seeing. However, as time has passed and many of those businesses have faded away, people have begun questioning the efficacy of these daily deal sites. Amidst all the debate, one thing has become crystal clear: Direct mail coupons are, and always were, much more effective at creating loyal, repeat customers. Why does direct mail have such a distinct advantage over online deals in the coupon world?