Targeting new businesses, new movers, or new homeowners? US Data Corporation has the freshest data in the industry on all three of these demographics, otherwise known as our Hotline Files. These groups are highly effective groups to target, because they are all experiencing major transitions in their personal and/or professional lives, and are in the market for lots of new purchases. New businesses will be investing in phone systems, office furniture, computers, insurance, and much more. Likewise, new movers and new ­homeowners will be in the market for new furniture, moving services, insurance, internet and cable service, or they may be looking for local businesses such as dentists, hairstylists, and new restaurants.  The marketing possibilities are endless for our Hotline Files!

What is the difference between our Hotline Files and our other lists? All of our lists are updated regularly to guarantee our clients the freshest data possible; however, our Hotline Files are updated with new leads even more frequently, because these groups are constantly changing and growing. Did you know that over 6 million new businesses are established in the U.S. every year? Or that 1.2 million people move every month? Almost everyone in the U.S. will fall under one of these categories at some point in their life. These lists are very exciting, because they are constantly expanding and there is never a shortage of people who meet these criteria. If you purchase a subscription to one of these lists, you will have a constant influx of fresh, new sales leads. What business wouldn’t want that?

Because our New Businesses Lists, New Movers Lists, and New Homeowners Lists change so frequently, we recommend a slightly different approach to our Hotline Files than with our other marketing lists. While buying a marketing list should never be a one-time occurrence, as any list can quickly become outdated, our hotline files are particularly important to update regularly and often. Buying an extended subscription to these Hotline lists, rather than buying a one-time list, gives you an opportunity to continually tap into a fresh market that is ever-expanding and always new. Spreading out your marketing campaign over the course of a year will improve your chances of connecting with your prime target using these hotline buyers.

Please call one of our friendly account representatives at (888) 578-3282 to find out more about purchasing a subscription to our New Businesses List, New Movers List, or New Homeowners List.