Preparing an excellent Valentine’s Day marketing campaign doesn’t necessarily take months of planning. You can still run a quick campaign for your company, especially now that there are less than two weeks left until the holiday. Depending on your business, planning for Valentine’s Day promotions doesn’t have to take as much hard work as planning for the busy months of November and December does. Make sure you spread the love this Valentine’s Day and offer your customers an extra incentive to purchase from you! Here are a few ways to run a simple marketing campaign.

Send a Valentine’s Day Newsletter

One of the best ways you can share your deals with your current customers is to send out a Valentine’s Day newsletter. Maybe you’ve already run a direct mail campaign and you’re looking to remind your customers of your deals, or you’re just wishing them a happy holiday, newsletters can be very beneficial. If you sell products relating to Valentine’s Day, or are offering discounts that are only good through Valentine’s Day, it helps to keep reminding customers until the holiday arrives.

Offer a promotion on your website

Since you can put anything up on your website at any time, coming up with a quick marketing campaign doesn’t require a lot of planning for digital mediums. Give your customers a percentage off or a special perk like free shipping to entice them to buy from you. Try offering something that ties into Valentine’s Day, like 14% off, to draw in potential customers. It also helps to switch up your website to bring attention to your Valentine’s Day products, if you have them.

Run a social media contest

When you’re running a quick and easy marketing campaign, it always helps to utilize your social media sites. A few days before Valentine’s Day you could run a social media marketing campaign and offer the winner a discount or a prize. Try something like asking your followers to comment about their Valentine’s Day plans or share stories how they met their significant others. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites can sometimes be the perfect advertising mediums!

Send digital coupons

Although it might be a little late to run a direct mail campaign, you can still send digital offers and coupons through an email campaign. Your coupons can even be coupon codes that your customers can use when checking out on your website. You can also entice people to redeem your coupons at your physical site if they can be scanned or printed out. Making a small gesture or offering a discount could make a huge difference on this romantic holiday.

Many consumers might still be looking for Valentine’s Day presents or places to take their significant others out to dinner, so keep this in mind while planning your marketing campaign. Is there any way you can help them ease their holiday burden? Can you offer consumers something that will help them plan out their holiday? How can you tie your products and services into Valentine’s Day? Ask yourself these questions while you’re building your marketing campaign!