The holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s starting with Halloween! Halloween is one of the highest grossing annual holidays of the year. According to research by NRF, total spending for Halloween 2015 will top $6.9 billion! So, right now is prime time for your business to start planning a marketing strategy for one of the most active shopping seasons of the year. In today’s blog post, we are going to share a few Halloween marketing tips and ideas that will help your business lure in attention and boooost sales. Below are 3 Halloween marketing ideas you can use to encourage purchases and customer engagement to help you make this October a killer one.

Get in the Spooky Email Spirit

Get inspired for the holiday and make sure your email templates are Halloween themed. You don’t have to make huge changes like adding scary images into your email template. You can make your emails look more festive using minor design changes, such as using spooky fonts, dark colors schemes, spider webs, or dressing up your brand mascot as a vampire or other traditional eerie creatures.


Hold a Spooktacular Halloween Contest

People are in a hurry to show off their awesome Halloween decorations, costumes ideas, or how cute their dachshund looks dressed up as a hot dog. You can leverage email marketing and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to host a contest with a cool winning prize. Hosting a contest is a great Halloween marketing strategy to engage your audience, attract traffic to your website, and grow your fan base on social media. You can send the contest invitation using email, then direct your audience to your website or social media to participate. However, make sure the winner’s prize is enticing. You have to give the audience an incentive to participate. Another pro Halloween marketing tip is setting up a hashtag for your Halloween contest. It can help the contest get seen by a wider audience on social media. Here are a couple of different Halloween contest ideas: best Halloween costume, best pumpkin carving, best Halloween-themed cocktail, best Halloween house decorations, etc.


Offer a Howl-Worthy Discount

As I have mentioned before, Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season, and a fantastic way to increase fall sales. What better way to attract customers then a great discount? You can use email, direct mail, or even social media to offer special Halloween discounts. Send a campaign to alert your customers about your Halloween sale. Make sure to mention the discount amount in the subject line to catch their eye. Or, you can use social media to give discounts by offering 10% off a purchase when they share your promotional post on social media. We love Halloween marketing!


According to statistics by the NRF, 154 million Americans are going to celebrate Halloween this year. This makes it a splendid time for your company to join in on the fun while increasing engagement and kicking off sales. Halloween also gives your business a chance to be innovative with marketing campaigns and strategies. Halloween isn’t just a holiday for kids anymore, it’s a holiday for people with money to spend. Please contact US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282 for additional Halloween email marketing and direct mail marketing assistance.