Welcome to the final part of our “Mailing List Mistakes to Avoid” blog series. This blog series is a lineup of major mistakes people make when buying a mailing list – and how to avoid them. Make sure to read the rest of the series: Part 1: Introduction to Investing in a ListPart 2: Research List ProvidersPart 3: Compilers vs. BrokersPart 4: Understanding Your Data, Part 5: Find a Trustworthy List Provider.

You’d be surprised at how much a true mailing list consultant can bring to the table. It doesn’t help being close-minded when you’re at the drawing board. There isn’t always a straightforward solution to the data selection process. Being rigid in what you’re looking for can limit your campaign results. 

It may come as a shock that not all data companies are the same. So, if you have worked with a data company in the past, don’t assume that your new company will be subject to the same limitations. Your rep is an expert for a reason, and they should be much more familiar with their databases than you might be. They should be able to suggest data advice and information that have never occurred to you. An open mind during your data selection process is crucial, especially when it turns out that the perfect list you had in your mind before entering this arena does not actually exist. This is where creative problem-solving comes in.

I once had a customer who ran an assisted living facility with more beds than prospects in his area. His go-to list was a database of dependent parents that he had found utilizing the data cards sections of US Data Corporation’s website. When it turned out that there were too few records populating in his geographic database location, I suggested we select the data for households where the head resident is within an age range of 30-50 years of age, upper income, and checked the box indicating there was a senior within the household.

I know what you’re thinking – that’s probably how the dependent parent’s file was developed, to begin with, right? It’s not. The dependent parent’s database is built on confirmed self-reported response data. By combining my database knowledge with the client’s senior care business knowledge, we were able to build a predictive model for his marketing campaign. Even though you may believe you know everything and anything about your business or industry, it doesn’t hurt to open up your options. A true mailing list professional is there to help you run your business as effectively and successfully as you can. If you would like to start a direct marketing campaign, please call US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282.