It’s officially the month of Love, February! According to the National Retail Federation, the average person celebrating Valentine’s Day, or V-Day as we like to put it, spends $142.31 on candy, flowers, apparel and more. Total spending is expected to reach $18.9 billion this year. With that much moolah on the line, everyone is competing for a piece of your heart and your wallet. It’s important to stand out in a sea of red hearts and roses. What makes a good Valentine’s Day email campaign? We pursued our email inboxes for a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day email campaigns and thought we would share our favorites.


We like how ASOS Valentine’s Day email campaign segments by gender. Many may think that Valentine’s Day is a feminine holiday, but they’re wrong. It is totally appropriate to shower your man with gifts as well. Instead of having to send out two separate Valentine’s Day email campaigns for each gender, it’s much easier to segment within a single campaign, like ASOS. It’s also a good idea to segment because you want to make sure your emails are targeted and are relevant no matter who opens the email, male or female. 


Valentine’s Day not only a lucrative holiday for candy stores and flower shops. None traditional items are just as popular. Take a look at Groupon. Groupon is a prime example of all the various products and services that can be marketed on Valentine’s Day that has nothing to do with this lovey-dovey holiday, in the traditional sense. So, don’t worry about not fitting the Valentine’s Day bill. Whatever type of business you are, you can take advantage of this holiday.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters made their email campaign simple and chic with romantic colors and utilizing the word “love”. I’m a fan of their use of softer colors that are still Valentine’s Day themed, like light pink and peach.

Try the World

Who doesn’t love a good deal? A good deal seems even sweeter when paired with Valentine’s Day. Try the World’s Valentine’s Day email campaign is no frills and straight to the point: they’re offering 14% off all gifts if you order by tomorrow.


Offering the right product and/or service is important, but creating a campaign that places your products in the proper context is even more crucial. Whatever industry your business is in, you can use your Valentine’s Day email campaign to get the most out of it, even if you are a business that doesn’t exactly offer products or services that are Valentine’s Day-related, like pool cleaning. They key is using Valentine’s Day context such as love, relationships and feelings to promote and sell. Send your audience an e-card, a coupon, or free shipping code they can use later – anything that will remind the customer of your business. This will show them that you care, and it also will increase loyalty to your brand. In addition, do not forget to roll out special deals to single people as well. Valentine’s Day isn’t only for couples; it is also a holiday when single people treat themselves. You want to make everyone feel special on this day. Follow the footsteps of these Valentine’s Day email campaigns to prepare your own Valentine’s Day email campaign. Please contact US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282 to get started with your email marketing today!