Marketers these days can’t seem to praise mobile marketing highly enough, but there’s an elephant in the room that needs discussing: What about B2B mobile marketing? In the marketing blogosphere, mobile seems to be a dream-come-true for B2C marketing efforts, but no one is discussing how B2B can benefit from mobile marketing. Many B2B marketers are wondering if they should even bother with it. As it turns out, mobile marketing can and should be used for B2B marketing purposes, and here’s why.

When we think of marketing to businesses, we often conceptualize the business we are targeting as an entity in and of itself, as an independent, living, changing organism. Now in some ways, this is entirely true. However, this mindset makes B2B marketing seem much more difficult, because it removes the business, as an entity, from its individual decision-makers. If we talk about mobile marketing to a business, the idea begins to seem absurd, and rightfully so. If, however, we talk about mobile marketing to the key decision-makers for a business, the value of B2B mobile marketing begins to shine through.

B2B mobile marketing should not be that different from B2C, because at the end of the day, in B2B marketing, you are still targeting a consumer. Business decision-makers still make decisions on-the-go, just like “normal” consumers. What’s more, while it is true that your target consumer in B2B marketing may be acting in the interest of their business rather than their personal needs and desires, the two are actually quite intertwined. Something that makes a decision-maker’s business run more efficiently, or drives more revenue, will make their job, and ultimately their life, easier. Basically, many of the pain points that marketers like to tap into for B2C marketing are also applicable in B2B marketing.

That said, there are some differences in the way this plays out in B2B mobile marketing. Many B2C mobile marketing techniques revolve around filling up consumers’ spare time, (gamification is a good example of this). Your B2B consumer, by contrast, will be much more focused on using their limited time efficiently, since they won’t have spare time to fill while on the job. Use mobile marketing to help them do their job faster or better, and enable them to make quick decisions about your product or service while they’re on the road at conferences or on business trips.

Now that the elephant in the room has been addressed, go and try some mobile marketing for yourself! Don’t write off mobile just because you market to other businesses. B2B mobile marketing has enormous potential, and the fact that it isn’t being discussed yet in mainstream marketing venues just means that you won’t have much competition right now. While your competitors may not have gone mobile yet, we can assure you that, whether or not your business is B2B or B2C, your consumer is already there, and they are waiting for businesses to catch up. Follow them.

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