I’m sick of people saying, “data is data” as if all data is the same. Data is NOT data! This huge industry of multi-billion dollar companies mining, maintaining and updating data isn’t around because “data is data”. There is a reason why companies spend millions of dollars on making quality data available to the public. Companies need to do marketing and they need a cost effective way to do it. If 50% of their mailing campaign is returned or only 20% of their phone numbers are connectible, this is not cost effective for most companies. They may have saved a few hundred dollars on their list purchase, but lost thousands more in the end.

Time and time again I talk to companies who are so fixated on price, they lose sight of the big picture – making money. Maybe they have always gotten such horrible results with their marketing campaigns that they don’t know any better….they don’t know that a better, yes, more expensive list, can and will produce more qualified leads that will convert at a higher rate. Or maybe they are new to the list game and they haven’t been burned yet and need to be.

So, why do people continue to put themselves through the torment of purchasing that cheaper, less effective list? Maybe it’s my fault for not effectively explaining the difference between the apples and the oranges…or maybe these people live in a world where they have to see it to believe it. Either way, next time you are purchasing a marketing list, please do me a favor and make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Make sure that:

1. The list will be freshly updated when you purchase it

2. The source of the data exercises regular data hygiene updates

3. The source of the data is trusted (see https://www.usdatacorporation.com/info/who-can-you-trust-in-the-marketing-list-industry/)

4. Other reputable companies are using the list company in question

5. The selects and output you are receiving with the sales list are the same

Thank you for listening.

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