If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you might have noticed the new design layout which now features a list of what’s trending, along with even more sponsored ads. As a marketer, it might not seem like you need to make many changes to your campaigns, but Facebook has also changed its news feed algorithm. Here are a few ways you can make the most out of the recent Facebook changes.

Focus on link-sharing

With the new algorithm change, Facebook has begun encouraging more link-sharing instead of text updates without images. When you share a link on Facebook, there should be an image that is generated with the article, as opposed to plain text post. Instead of just sharing company updates through text posts every once in a while, you need to find another way to keep your followers engaged. Focus on sharing links that are relevant to your company and make sure they include an image.

Include more visual content

Since Facebook has begun limiting the exposure of text content from business pages, it’s more important than ever to include visual content on your company page. If you’re sharing blog posts on your page, for example, make sure you include an image to go along with it. You can acquire these images through websites like iStockPhoto, but there are also free image sites available for your use. Another good idea is to share photos from company events or ask your followers to share photos relating to your company. For example, if you run a clothing store, encourage customers to share photos of them wearing your clothing.

Incorporate Facebook sharing buttons

Adding follow buttons to your landing pages will help increase engagement and bring in more followers. This is a simple thing companies can do to bring in more conversions, but it’s often overlooked. Incorporating Facebook sharing buttons that make it easy for people to “like” your page is a great way to spread the world about your company. Make sure you add these buttons on your main website, as well as any other sites you want to connect your page to.

Connect with your followers

Facebook has also made a simple, yet helpful change to the way you can connect with your followers. The social site now allows you to directly comment on reviews of your services, so that you can engage with your followers and provide quick customer service. For example, if someone gives your company a five star review, you can write-up a quick thanks and let them know you appreciate their feedback. Page administrators can now jump in on the conversation and get involved.

The changes might be small, but it’s always really important to find a way to understand your audience if you want to engage them more effectively. Has your company felt the impact of the Facebook changes? What have you done to counteract them? Share with us!