So, you’ve finally purchased some sales leads…now what to do with them? How can you best handle each phone call so you don’t waste your opportunity to sell them your product or service? Tell them a story they won’t forget. Here are the top five ways to deliver a memorable sales pitch:

1. Don’t focus on your product – focus on the prospect. People love hearing about themselves and answering questions about their business, product or service. Gain trust and knowledge by focusing on your customers as people, not just sales leads.
2. Personal experience is best. Even if it’s fiction, base your sales story on real life experiences. The more you can describe a situation that leads your prospect to believe you understand where they are coming from, the better. Then explain how your product or service can fill their need and you’re off to the races.
3. Drop the jargon. Instead of trying to impress your prospect with fancy industry words, speak in terms that are relevant to your prospect.
4. Who are you talking to? Tailor your story to the specific person with whom you are speaking. If it’s a CFO, talk about how your product can generate more revenue…if it’s a sales manager, talk about how your product can make their reps’ time more efficient.
5. If they say it first, it’s truth. Lead your prospect down the road you want them on, but when you’re really trying to drive home a point, getting the prospect to say your point for you is mastering the art of sales. Try leading questions and plant ideas in their heads along the way. Saying, “we are the best in our industry” is a lot less effective than leading them to believe you are the best without having to say it.

Sales leads aren’t cheap and should be handled with care. Taking some time to think through your sales pitch and planning ahead will do wonders to your bottom line. Make sure whoever is calling your sales leads understands the best way to communicate with your prospective clientele so that you make the most out of your marketing investment.