Has your company found success on Tumblr? Many businesses are now using the social site as part of their social media marketing platform, so it’s definitely a site marketers should keep an eye on if they’re looking to expand their efforts. Tumblr allows users to post several different kinds of content, such as blog posts, images, gifs, videos, links, and audio files, so it’s the perfect combination of other popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. In addition to being a great blogging site, there are many more great reasons you should use Tumblr for marketing your products and services.

It helps build your brand

Since people will associate your company with your logo and images, visual content is extremely important. Tumblr is primarily focused around the use of images and gifs, so this works well for people wishing to build their brand by promoting the look and feel of their company. According to a Social Media Examiner article, “We connect emotionally to images more than video, audio or text. People make decisions and take action quicker when prompted by images, rather than by reading a lot of text.” If you want people to connect to your brand, consider using images instead of relying on text. This is the unique flexibility Tumblr offers its users.

It’s steadily increasing in popularity

Since Tumblr’s inception in 2007, the social media site has only been increasing in popularity. Last year, Techcrunch confirmed that Tumblr is now one of the top 10 websites in the United States, with 20 billion page views a month. The website currently boasts 184.7 million blogs and 83.1 billion posts, a number that’s been increasing steadily on a daily basis. It’s easy to see that joining Tumblr and using it for social media marketing is just as important as being involved in Facebook and Twitter, since there’s a huge potential market you can tap into.

You can reach a younger audience

The users that occupy Tumblr and visit the site on a daily basis are generally between the ages of 18-24, so if you have products and services that appeal to the younger crowd, Tumblr is the right place for you. As time goes on, it seems that Facebook is becoming less popular for teenagers, so trying to sell to them on there might not be as successful as it once was. Many businesses that center on teen products and services are now focusing their attention on social media marketing through Tumblr, since many users spend up to several hours browsing the site.

You can get creative

Tumblr makes it easy to combine several different forms of media, so utilizing this social media site will allow you to get creative with your marketing efforts. Tumblr allows you to experiment with different types of media that will catch the attention of your followers, which is something you can’t necessarily do with other popular social media sites. Visually oriented posts will help your content stand out, especially with the use of gifs, which Tumblr is known for. Getting creative and sharing interesting and visually stimulating blog posts through Tumblr will help your company stand out from the rest and will also help you gain a dedicated following.

Tumblr is great for companies trying to expand their reach via social media marketing. Is your company on Tumblr? What has worked for you? Share with us in the comments!