It sounds like next-day-mail is going to be a thing of the past. With the huge cut-backs the Post Service has to endure, their delivery times will double, if not triple in the coming months and we all should expect increases in postage rates across the board. With postage being a large percentage of your mailing campaign costs, increases in bulk rates will directly affect your bottom line. Will these changes force you to drastically change your mailing campaign strategy? Many say no…and here are the top three reasons why:

1. The postage increases will weed out many of the smaller mailers, making the mail that does get delivered stand out more and ensuring the mail piece will get read.
2. The changes in delivery times will affect mailing campaign schedules initially, but once the new delivery times are established, it will be easy to adjust drop dates to ensure the mail pieces are delivered on time.
3. Direct mail is a proven means of reaching your target market. With the right postal mailing lists, response rates are dependable and consistent and provide companies the piece of mind that their money has been well spent and that their message will get delivered.

Times are changing and marketing costs are generally increasing over time. “While we are not happy at the prospect of slower service, DMA recognizes that the USPS must shed costs to remain the affordable, viable communications network America needs,” said Jerry Cerasale, DMA’s senior VP of government affairs. We all need to support these Postal Service changes and realize that in many ways, these changes can be a move in the right direction for all of us.

We would appreciate hearing your comments on how these changes to the Postal Service will affect your marketing campaign strategy moving forward.

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