Contacting your target market becomes very important during the holiday season and choosing the right method of contact is even more important. Email marketing can be a viable way to communicate with a large section of your target market for a fraction of the price of other types of marketing campaigns – but the company you choose to execute your email campaign and the email list they supply is crucial to your success.

US Data Corporation offers a sure-fire way to get your message out there where you basically pay-per-performance. Most email marketing campaigns require pre-payment and you never know if the campaign will actually produce click-throughs and, therefore, sales.  With us, you can pay for the actual click-throughs (the amount of people who click on your email and get through to your website or landing page) instead of the amount of emails that get delivered. Though we sell email marketing campaigns by the number of delivered emails also, we find that our customers have more success when we guarantee a certain amount of click-throughs. The US Data Corporation email lists must be of the highest quality to be able to guarantee click-throughs. We also are able to sell you the email addresses of the people who clicked through to your website or landing page, giving you the opportunity to re-contact this golden email list as you see fit. Our clients have huge success with these click-through email lists, as these individuals are genuinely interested in your specific offer/products. Repetition is key in marketing campaigns!

Email marketing is a great way to contact your target market, if you do it correctly and choose the right provider. US Data Corporation offers a guaranteed solution so you know your holiday marketing dollars aren’t going to waste. Contact US Data Corporation today for more information and to hear our current specials – 888-610-3282 – or email us directly at – or fill out our contact form by Clicking Here.