When sending email campaigns to your customers and prospects, it is important to remember that there are more reasons to send an email than just pushing them to buy something. While newsletters and promotional emails may be moneymakers, it is important to include a variety of email campaigns in your marketing strategy. Sending different kinds of emails, such as welcome letters, shows your reader that you care about them and aren’t in it just for the money. This will help you build better relationships, as well as gain loyalty from your customers. Make your customers feel special and spice up your B2C relationships with these 4 non-sales emails.

1.   Welcome Emails

As your first form of contact with a new subscriber, your welcome email is super important. This simple email is one of the most crucial emails that you can send. A report by Experian shows that welcome emails have the highest open rates of any marketing email. The welcome email sets the tone for every following email that you send to your subscriber. Think of your welcome email as a handshake. Make sure it is warm and inviting. In a welcome email, you want to make sure to welcome them, thank them for signing up, and introduce your business. Keep it short and sweet. Do not forget to tell them about what kind of email content they should expect from you, so that they recognize you and don’t mark your emails as junk. You only have one chance to make a great first impression, so don’t miss the opportunity.

2.   Freebie Emails

Consumers love a good freebie. If your company is giving something away, let your audience know about it via email. For example, a retail shop might give away a free tote bag if a shopper types in a promotion code on their website. You could give away free memberships or a free consultation for services. Your audience will appreciate your gift, and they will be much more likely to turn to you when they want to purchase.

3.   Birthday Emails

Birthday emails are a great opportunity to show your subscribers some love. Birthday email campaigns should be part of every email marketer’s strategy. Birthday emails support and enhance the sense of joy and thrill that people are already experiencing on their birthday. Because birthday emails are sentimental and delightful to customers, they are a quick and easy win for any business looking to enhance their customer relationships. According to an article by MarketingProfs, birthday emails have a 179% higher click-rate than other kinds of promotional emails.

4.   Customer Appreciation Emails

Amidst all of our promotional emails, sometimes we forget to do one of the most important and basic things: saying thank you. Everyone appreciates recognition, which is why you should take the time to express your gratitude for your customers. Whether you are a non-profit group that has just reached a campaign goal, or your business has just reached a milestone anniversary, send an email thanking your customers for being part of that success. Even if none of these occasions apply to your business, sending a friendly “thank you” will surely make your audience feel appreciated.

Customers and potential customers deserve special attention. Email campaigns can be used to increase the number of repeat purchases and continued subscriptions. By doing so, you can develop better B2C relationships and grow your sales. Whether you are courting a new client or working with an old customer, gratitude can work wonders for keeping business connections flowing. Need more email campaign help? Feel free to contact US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282.