Direct mail now has more opportunity than ever, and 2020 should be your time to finally pull the trigger on a campaign. As email marketing spam traps, compliance, and legalities get tougher and tougher to meet requirements (unless you use our email sending server), look to direct mail marketing to bypass all those headaches. Postcards, brochures, catalogs, die-cut mail, and other mailings are still getting people’s attention and bringing in a positive ROI. Even more so in 2020 because so many companies are shifting their focus solely on the internet, they forget that consumers still have a mailbox. If you don’t have the time or know how to set up a website or landing page for email marketing, then direct mail marketing is your next best option.

Sounds intriguing, but you don’t have a mailing list? US Data Corporation can help. We need to find you a mailing list that will reach the target market that your products / services are designed for. Any reputable mail list provider should have credible and up-to-date resources to pull from, if you ask where their lists are sourced from and they say they “don’t sure that information”, then hang up and run. We use public information such as real estate title information, court records, utility companies, and various other partners to provide quality lists of names addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Need printing and postage? We can provide that as well. US Data Corporation’s turn-key direct mail marketing service has now helped over 10,000 clients send their marketing mail to over 3,000,000 mailboxes. Either you can provide the creatives, or you can provide your vision so we can materialize it.

Being that mailboxes aren’t used much anymore, any mail you do get becomes that much more important. Consider your own mailbox. How many times do you go out and check it only to find that it’s either empty, or there’s a few envelopes inside asking you to sign up for a new credit card? Probably more often than not. That means there’s a huge market for direct mail that is barely being tapped right now.

Let all of your competitors send email that gets delivered to junk email inboxes. You’ve got business to take care of and that means making sure your content actually gets seen by your audience. 2020 is a brand-new year, which means you’ll need an all new marketing strategy. Direct mail can be powerful, and if you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place to take control of that power. Get a quote on a mailing list, today.