Postcards are one of the least expensive and most effective forms of direct mail marketing. According to statistics from CMO Council, 54% of mailed postcards are read by recipients. Postcard marketing is relatively easy to create, generate a high response rate, and most importantly, are very good at grabbing a person’s attention. They require minimal effort and can be quite appealing with the right graphics and copy. That being said, there are many mistakes that marketers make that hurt the potential of their direct mail marketing efforts. To avoid an unsuccessful marketing campaign, make sure to avoid these 4 fatal flaws of postcard marketing.

Bad Quality Mailing List

All good direct mail marketing campaigns start with a clean and high-quality list. Unfortunately, this is where many businesses slack off. It’s often quoted that 40% of direct mail success is contingent on the quality of a mailing list. That is why it is important to invest in a high-quality mailing list. The best way do so is by creating or purchasing a targeted mailing list. List companies like US Data Corporation can create targeted mailing lists for marketers based on the marketers’ objective. A bad mailing list can be the death of a postcard marketing campaign. You can design the most beautiful postcard, but if you send them to the wrong people, all efforts are wasted.

Poor Offer

Okay, you’ve targeted your audience, now what? Well, you want to encourage them to contact you. Just because you targeted the right people with your mailing list and postcards doesn’t mean that they will automatically take action to seek you out. You need to direct your readers what to do by nudging them in the right direction with your direct mail offer. For example, don’t just list your phone number or website on the postcard. Tell the reader to call you or visit your website ASAP, and offer them a special incentive for doing so.

Janky Design

An exceptional photo or graphic is likely to draw in a reader’s attention. Use good judgment when deciding what images to incorporate in the postcard design and make certain that the image is relevant to the purpose of the card. A good rule of thumb is that 1 dominant image should appear on the front of the postcard along with the postcard title. The two should work in harmony to create a cohesive and engaging message. Keep images on the back of the postcard minimal, as the main focus of the back is to display the copy.

Not Proofreading

Surprisingly, many companies overlook this simple yet crucial step. A spelling mistake, typo, or punctuation mistake can reflect poorly on the sender. Every great writer proofreads their work. Many times, it is multiple times. If you do not have confidence in your writing skills, you can ask a coworker or friend to proofread your copy, or you can hire a professional copywriter.

Anyone can market with postcards, but it’s easy to sabotage your results if done incorrectly. Just make sure to keep these tips in mind, and with a well-planned postcard marketing campaign, you can get major boosts for your company. For more information about direct mail marketing, please call US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282.