Email marketing may not be the coolest of marketing tactics these days, but it is still one of the most effective in generating leads. According to research by Marketing Land, email is #1 when it comes to finding qualified leads compared to other forms or digital marketing. 69.7% of Americans say that email is their preferred method of communication with businesses. So, the question is, how do you get Americans to opt-in and receive your emails? How do you acquire them as email subscribers? Keep reading for 3 stress-free ways to gain email subscribers. These techniques will help you get more email leads, no matter what industry you are in.


First off, you must give to take. You must give or promise subscribers something of value. In return, they will also give you something of value: their email address. The right offer can convert visitors into subscribers when done correctly. For B2B businesses, a free eBook with useful information, a free trial of a product/service, or a promise of weekly insightful newsletters may be of value. For B2C marketing, a welcome discount, or perhaps a special membership that gets them special perks are great incentives. The key is that the offer has to have value to the email subscriber. This will help get your relationship off to a good start, increasing the chances of your next email campaign finding a receptive audience.

Landing Page

According to an article by Marketing Land, using a dedicated landing page to gather email subscriptions can lift conversion rates up to 50%. Creating a landing page for gathering email addresses is one of the most direct strategies to gain more subscribers. Landing pages give you a central place to direct traffic without distractions. Here are couple of tips on what an email address gathering landing page should include:

  1. A headline that grabs the viewer’s attention.
  2. An opt-in form where the viewer can sign-up.
  3. A clear call-to-action telling what them what to do.
  4. Information to engage and interest the subscriber.
  5. Reasons and benefits that get the viewer excited about signing up.
  6. A promise to offer more info/perks that are only accessible if the person subscribes.

Pop-Up Box

Whether you hate them or love them, there is an undeniable fact about pop-up boxes – they work. While it is true that some people find them annoying, the benefits gained by using pop-up boxes outweigh the losses. According an article by Aweber, Nikki McGonigal, a food craft blogger, saw an increase of 1375% more subscribers after 8 months of using a pop-up box compared to before. Yep, those four digits aren’t typos. A pop-up is a box that appears on top of the website content the viewer is looking at. These sign up boxes ask people to take action by inputting his or her email address. You can even include an incentive in the box for when the person signs up. Keep in mind that pop-ups are annoying if the offer is not right for the subscriber. If you strategize your offer and develop a good incentive, people will be more willing to accept your submission box and become subscribers. Adding a pop-up box to your website is easier than you may think. There are several plugins and services that you can use to add them. Many of these services provide pre-made templates. Here are a few pop-up services and plugins to look into:

  • PopUp Domination – This is one of the most popular pop-ups. It is both a WordPress plugin and capture software that lets you place it on any website platform.
  • OptinMonster – This lets you place email subscription forms in a variety of places on your website, including the footer as floating bars.
  • Unpop – This is a WordPress plugin that pops up in a place on your website that grabs the attention of the reader without blocking their view of the content.
  • Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box – This is a free WordPress plugin that will display a box on your page once the viewer has scrolled down the page.

The most important thing to remember after gathering email subscribers is to not abuse them. They put trust in you by providing you with their email address; now it’s your job to keep their trust. Do not spam your prospects, do not try to be sneaky. Offer real, valuable emails that your subscribers will appreciate. Try out these email marketing strategies yourself today! Which one will you test first? Let us know in the comments below! Give US Data Corporation a call at (888) 578-3282 if you need any email marketing advice.