Why You Should Take a Sick Day from Work

24 AugWhy You Should Take a Sick Day from Work

By: Janet Rho

Wow, only one post later and I’m already lagging behind! Did I mention that my goal is to get one blog post up every week? I skipped last week… whoops! But, I have an excuse! Sorta. I was sick.

I hate being sick. You know what’s worse than a winter cold? A summer cold! Having a cold during the summer is ironic in the worst way. It’s amazing how these teeny tiny viruses can make us feel so miserable. But, oh well. It happened, it passed and I’m all better now! Thanks to me taking a sick day.

I was sick all of last week. After waking up feeling pretty crappy last Tuesday morning, I laid in my bed wondering, “Is it worth it to call in sick? Am I really that sick? I think I’m okay. Oh, never mind, I feel like crap. But if I don’t go to work, I’m not going to make money! Maybe I can take a half day…” College-Janet wouldn’t have hesitated to take the day off from school. Unfortunately, #worklife is different.

After much contemplation, I told myself “eff it!” and I took the day off, and I’m glad I did. And, here’s why you should take a sick day too. Let’s face it, you won’t be as productive as your normal self when you are sick. Our minds lack focus, you feel terrible and you can’t concentrate. Even if you are able to work, it won’t be your best work. So, accept the fact you’re sick early on. It’s better to take a sick day, stay home and rest than to force yourself. Your body will thank you for it.

If you really feel the need to work, work from home. That’s what I did on the following day. I couldn’t afford to miss another day, so I didn’t. I worked from the comfort of my own home in my pajamas. Working from home is great. You don’t have to worry about getting other people sick. You don’t have to worry about blowing your nose obnoxiously. And, best of all, you won’t be missing any important deadlines! Winner winner chicken dinner.

If you are still hesitant about taking a sick day, just remember, when you feel better, you work better.