The blogging and social media platform, Tumblr, has been around for seven years now, and it’s only growing each year in popularity. As one of the most widely used social media sites these days, along with Facebook and Twitter, it might benefit your company to learn more about how to utilize Tumblr for business blogging. Tumblr’s unique hybrid platform—a cross between Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress— allows users to post links, articles, and photos, and offers some useful advantages over other blogging platforms. Read these tips to learn how to make your social media marketing strategy stronger by utilizing Tumblr.

Share Your Blog Posts

If you’re already running a separate blog through WordPress or another publishing platform, Tumblr offers the perfect opportunity to share your blog posts with more people. Tumblr allows you to easily tag your posts, so that Tumblr users can find your content through a quick search. Tumblr also provides a great platform to share original content, and can be a good site to start your first company blog with depending on your business. Many creative-type businesses market through Tumblr and can gain a following through the site. Whether you’re linking to your blogging site or producing new content, Tumblr allows you to reach more people, and develop a strong social media marketing strategy.

Interact with Other Users

Tumblr is a great place to find users with related interests and interact with them. Through tags, you can search for people posting about similar things or find people who might be interested in your products. It’s a good way to either make a business connection of some kind or discover potential customers. Finding followers with similar interests or a need for your products is easy through Tumblr, and their messaging platform makes it easy to communicate with other users.

Utilize Tumblr’s Queue

Tumblr offers a 300-post queue that helps your company remain consistent and active on the site. The queue allows you to schedule how many posts you want to publish each day and at what times. Rather than visiting the site several times a day, you can schedule when you want your content to appear, which will save you time and let you to focus on the rest of your social media marketing strategy.

Reblog Content Relevant to Your Company

Reblogging content generated by other users on the site is a great way to remain active and share important information relevant to your company. There are millions of posts on Tumblr, so finding something relevant to your company and blog shouldn’t be too difficult. Track tags and search for content that will be helpful to your followers. Reblogging makes your Tumblr page a destination for relevant easy-to-find content and a simple way for your followers to find information they’re looking for. People will be more likely to follow you and check out your company if they find it useful. Also, reblogging your follower’s content will help you form a closer relationship with potential customers, and engage them further.

Sync Up to Your Social Media Sites

Tumblr will help you build your brand, but it should not be the only social media site you use for marketing. Syncing up to your other sites will help build up your social media marketing strategy and spread your content around the web. It’s also easy to sync your Tumblr with your other sites because Tumblr allows you to do it through their settings. You can set up your Tumblr to post to your Facebook and/or Twitter every time you post something on the site. This will help you save time and keep all your sites up-to-date and consistent.

Described as a casual blogging site, Tumblr might be a great way to reach potential customers who might have otherwise slipped through the cracks. Your business does not have to be on every social media site, but you may find Tumblr to be an untapped audience that you want to explore for your company. Does your company have a Tumblr? Has it been useful for you? Let us know!