From May 12th to June 6th, we pledged to donate 1% of all retail sales to The Soldiers Project in honor of Memorial Day. As a result of that pledge, US Data was able to make a donation of over $2,000 to the organization, and presented that donation to The Soldiers Project on June 17th, 2014 at the non-profit’s headquarters in North Hollywood, CA. This donation will help in supporting 9/11 Veterans struggling with PTSD and other psychological injuries, as well as their loved ones.

US Data Corporation’s CEO, Erich Kaminsky, was joined by Hollywood actor, Blake Clark, to present the donation to The Soldiers Project. Blake Clark, famous for his stand-up and all-encompassing film career, is a Vietnam veteran himself and a close friend of Erich’s, so The Soldiers Project is a cause very close to his heart. Mr. Clark and US Data Corporation are both thrilled that they could support veterans through this incredible organization.


Everyone at US Data Corporation would like to thank our customers for their support. Your purchases last month made this donation possible and you helped fund an important cause. Many soldiers who return home are at risk for PTSD and other effects of combat stress and trauma. The mental and emotional consequences of war are far-reaching, and many soldiers struggle with psychological trauma when coming home, often in combination with physical injuries. US Data hopes to raise awareness around this important issue.


Thanks again,

US Data Corporation