Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner making this the perfect time to give thanks with a Thanksgiving marketing campaign. Celebrate this special time of the year by taking a moment to thank your customers and subscribers for their support. “Thank you” campaigns can be carried out through a variety of different marketing outlets, including email marketing, direct mail marketing, and social media marketing. Whichever outlet you choose to use, a thank-you Thanksgiving marketing campaign is a prime way to reach both prospects and existing customer and show them your appreciation, while giving them a nice little incentive to come back for more.

Just Say “Thank You”!

A good place to start is by thanking your audience, that’s the whole point, right? A simple “thank you” from an organization can have a significant impact on customers. You’d be surprised how far a thank you card can go. Although a physical card may be more effective at grabbing your receiver’s attention, a creative thank you email or heartfelt Facebook post can suffice. Try sending a handwritten note, but if not, post a short message on your social media pages thanking your audience for liking and following your page, and tell them how thankful you are for their support. Just make sure to be genuine!

Offer Special Deals

Offering customers extra discounts or holiday deals makes them feel appreciated, and the Thanksgiving weekend shopping quadfecta of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to show them the love. Email them, mail them, or post on your social media account a special coupon or discount code customers can use this holiday season.

Reward Your Audience

Reward some of your loyal customers with free gifts. According to research, free gifts motivate people to shop. By offering a free gift, you are bringing people one step closer to becoming a purchasing customer. Also, who doesn’t like a freebie?

During this month of gratitude, upload a quick status, send a festive email, or mail a nice postcard to your audience to let them know that you appreciate their interest in your business. This sincere and human gesture can help personalize your brand and nurture loyalty. Cut through the holiday marketing noise by using these three tactics for this year’s Thanksgiving marketing campaign. For more marketing assistance, call US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282.