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[Case Study] Using Email Marketing to Grow Newspaper Ad Revenue

A case study exploring how one newspaper publisher increased their viewership and advertising revenue by sending targeted email blasts to non-subscribers.

[Case Study] Using Email Marketing to Drive Car Sales for Auto Dealerships

A case study detailing the successful “Email Matchback Program” that won over an automotive marketing agency – just when they thought that email couldn’t work for the auto industry.

[Case Study] Improve Margins by Combining Direct Mail & Email Marketing

A case study showing how one company’s direct mail program took off with the help of identically-targeted, postal-enhancing email broadcasts.

[Case Study] Using Haystack™ to Build the Impossible-to-Find Mailing List

A case study detailing how a healthcare company used US Data’s Haystack™ List Compilation Program to build a precisely-targeted niche mailing list.