What makes a business list unique? If you’re purchasing from a bona fide list company, there should be over 14 million total businesses in the database, but how do you know your list company really has access to all 14 million businesses? Making sure that you have access to every available record out there gives you the piece of mind that you aren’t missing out on any of your important demographic.

Businesses come and go so an updated new business list is imperative to your marketing campaign’s success. There are over 150,000 new businesses each month, from brand new companies to growing companies who are expanding to new locations. This is a unique opportunity to capitalize on this new and exciting venture and the only way to ensure success is to work with a list company who goes the extra mile to maintain a current, updated new business database.

At US Data Corporation we augment and verify our data with other reliable data sources. If we’re not able to find two matches of our business list data, it won’t populate into our business database. We have over 2500 unique streams of business data coming in on a daily basis to ensure we have the most accurate and comprehensive business database in the world. Give our business lists and new business lists a try. Your results will speak for themselves.