See Original US Data Corporation blog post here. Please note that this blog post/infographic is meant to provide you with general information on international anti-spam laws, and does not constitute legal advice. Our email marketing experts at US Data Corporation are available to assist you if you need help. However, we are not attorneys, so please contact a licensed lawyer for legal advice.

It’s easy to overlook email compliance when you get carried away with other aspects of your email marketing campaign. There is so much going on – the email design, the copy, the call-to-action, the offer… However, it is so crucial to take the time to make sure your emails are compliant with anti-spam laws from around the world. Why do we need to know international anti-spam laws? Because, contrary to popular belief, anti-spam laws apply to the location of the recipient, not the sender. This means if you have even one international subscriber on your email list, your emails need to comply with their legal requirements.


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