Holidays are golden opportunities for businesses to take advantage of. By using the right marketing approach, you can create holiday promotions that attract new prospects and provide incentives for returning customers. With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, why not pair up your marketing strategy with the anticipated holiday? Giving a theme to a sale or promotion can get your company more noticed and give your business something to share online which can open up engagement opportunities with your audience. Here are a few St. Patrick’s Day promotional marketing ideas to spur your creativity to drive more business.

Use St. Patrick’s Day Themes & Symbols

Four leaf clovers, rainbows, pots of gold, the color green, and much more. You can use St. Patrick’s Day symbols in your marketing material, whether it is for email, Facebook or direct mail. These visuals are attention grabbing and are sure to connect you and the holiday to your customers.

Offer a Holiday Sale & Shipping Deal

Just because St. Patrick’s Day is not traditionally a give-exchanging holiday doesn’t mean you can’t. You can use this holiday to your advantage and hold a St. Paddy’s Day sale. You can extend the sale dates to include the weekend leading up to St. Patrick’s Day to give consumers ample time to shop your sale. Most people are aware that holidays are a time for sales and tend to be on a lookout for deals. Don’t forget to offer free shipping too! According to research by Savvy Panda, high shipping cost is the top reason for abandoned shopping carts. Free shipping is a powerful promotional offer that can make a closing sale or break a sale.

Set Up a Sweepstakes

The term “the luck of the Irish” will be everywhere for St. Patrick’s Day, so have fun with it! One of the more entertaining St. Patrick’s Day promotional marketing ideas is setting up a contest or sweepstake on social media or on your website and give away a product or service that is relevant to your business. You can use phrases like “Do you have the luck of the Irish today? Sign up for our St. Patrick’s Day sweepstakes for a chance to WIN!”

Show Your Holiday Spirit

St. Patrick’s Day is not only about gold coins and leprechauns. It is also about having fun. Encourage your co-workers and employees to get into the holiday spirit and dress up. Wear green! Take a company picture and post it on your social media networks, wishing your followers a happy and lucky day. These behind-the-scenes photos are crowd pleasures and will build a more intimate connection between your business and your customers. Customers rarely get to see what happens behind closed doors. Give them a chance to peek behind the curtains with photos that show all of the hard work (and fun!) that goes into the products and the services your company provides.

Now that you have some fun St. Patrick’s Day promotional marketing ideas, it’s time to create your offer and get it running! If you have more St. Patrick’s Day marketing tips, please feel free to share your ideas with US Data Corporation in the comment section below!