Geo-LIFT Geofencing Marketing Enabled High Performance Advertising

Geo-LIFT Advertising

Get above the noise. Welcome to the future of marketing synergy.

What is Geo-LIFT? Geo-LIFT is a cross media optimization platform that leverages our entire marketing solutions suite in order to create a Geo-Fencing Marketing, Direct Mail, Email, and Mobile Advertising powerhouse. With our Smart Solution, customers see engagement and conversion results that are far superior to anything they’ve ever experienced before.

Geo-LIFT is a master at seamlessly integrating direct mail and email engagement campaigns with mobile advertising and geo-fencing marketing. Geo-LIFT leverages the over 100M Active Mobile Devices reachable within the U.S. and powerful Next Generation Geo-Fencing Marketing, to make sure your message is seen where ever your audience is located. This includes laptops, desktops, and internet connected TV’s.

Come see how easy it is to setup and take advantage of this powerful platform. Make Geo-LIFT the foundation of your marketing initiatives and:

  • Make it easy to find, convert, and keep new customers
  • Deliver results that will move your business forward
  • Enjoy technology that optimizes your advertising efforts
  • See the greatest ROI between all marketing channels you are using
  • Get more highly targeted quality leads that will exceed your expectations
  • Access cutting-edge reports to accelerate opportunities and optimize change
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Experience amazing growth with the power of Geo-LIFT.

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High-Performance Advertising Through Direct Marketing and Geo-Location Technology Combined.

Successful audience acquisition requires accuracy. Geo-LIFT enabled marketing campaigns leverage Geo-Fencing Marketing technology with our premium in-house data and superior multi-channel marketing services in order to create that accuracy. US Data Corporation Geo-LIFT technology provides a “Lift” to your managed campaigns and generates tremendously greater High-Quality Audience Acquisition results.

US Data Corporation Geo-Lift High Power Advertising Journey

Direct Mail and Email Advertising Receive Next-Level Treatment with Geo-LIFT Technology.

Geo-LIFT will take your US Data Corporation ideal targeted audience, direct mail and email campaign strategy and content, and will magnify engagement and conversions. By generating greater awareness, your message will hit home more often. You’ll see more leads and build a higher quality audience which will lead to more sales and more brand advocates.

See the difference Geo-LIFT can bring to your marketing objectives and campaign goals. Start today.

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