Data Hygiene

In addition to our premium marketing solutions, we are also experts in accurate and efficient data hygiene services. For those direct marketing experts who already have a list or database for their next marketing campaign, we offer many data services to ensure that their list is in prime condition before they use it. Don’t waste your time verifying or formatting large volumes of data – let US Data Corporation take care of your data hygiene while you focus on the bigger picture.

Hygiene & Formatting

  • De-Dupe/Suppression – Removes duplicate records from a single database
  • Merge/Purge – Combines multiple databases and remove the duplicates
  • Deceased Purge – Identifies and purges deceased individuals from your database
  • Data Standardization – Implements data uniformity and consistency standards throughout database
  • File Reformatting – Converts database to a variety of formats for maximum compatibility

Mailing Services

  • National Change of Address (NCOA) Update – Identifies people or organizations that have moved in the past 12 months and updates addresses accordingly
  • CASS +4 Certification – Similar to NCOA but for bulk rate mailings
  • Delivery Sequence File (DSF) – Automatically assigns Zip+4 and carrier route codes to your file, checks for address inaccuracies, standardizes formatting, and sorts your file according to walk sequence

Data Appends

  • Phone Append – Add missing telephone numbers to your existing consumer or business database
  • Reverse Phone Append – Add missing name and address information to your list of telephone numbers
  • Email Append – Add email addresses to your customer database where available
  • Reverse Email Append – Add missing name and address information to your existing email list

Data Enhancement

  • Lifestyle Segmentation – Segment your database using our pre-defined lifestyle models
  • Demographic Enhancement – Append basic demographic characteristics such as age, gender, etc. to your database
  • Property Data Enhancement – Append property information such as mortgage info, square footage, etc. to your database
  • Transactional Data Enhancement – Append transactional data such as online shopping, mail order buyers, etc. to your database
  • Specialty Data Enhancement – Append fields from any of our specialty databases to your file

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