Direct mail marketing is a powerful communication tool with incredible targeting abilities that can generate measurable sales results for your company. According to research by CMO Council, when direct mail is done correctly, it works very well. However, when it’s not done correctly, it can fail hard. Whether you are wondering why your direct mail campaign didn’t do as well as expected, or you just want to prepare and be ready for your next direct mail campaign, make sure to read and remember these points to help you develop and implement an effective direct mail campaign.

Poorly Targeted Mailing List

There is nothing more important to a successful direct mail campaign than a well-targeted list. Marketing to people who don’t have an interest in your product or service is a waste of your time and money. One of the easiest ways to get a good list is to identify your existing customers. This list should be filled with current customers and prospects that have previously purchased from you or responded to your marketing efforts. Another great way to acquire a targeted list is by renting an outside list from companies like US Data Corporation. They can provide you with high-quality, responsive lists according to your target audience which can help you maximize deliverability and pull in new customers.

Uninteresting Offer

Getting the right offer in front of your audience can change your response considerably. All of your direct mail marketing should include a special offer so customers have an incentive to act. The offer should be time sensitive to create a sense of urgency so your customers act quickly.

Lack of Creativity

The world of direct mail marketing is a competitive one. Therefore, it is crucial your direct mail campaign is attention grabbing. The main way to do this is with good design and creativity. Use eye-catching images, graphics, layout, color, unique pieces, and sizes. Creativity is how you get noticed.

Shoddy Copywriting

Typos and rushed writing reflect poorly on your business. It is important to take your time and edit your copy a couple of times. Have someone else proofread it for you and check it for mistakes. If you can, hire a professional copywriter if you have the budget that allows you to. Professional copy and design are expenses that pay for themselves in the form of increased response.

Not Testing

Failing to test a direct mail campaign before sending it out on a bigger scale can be a costly marketing mistake. Testing will allow you to check the effectiveness of the offer, the copy, list accuracy, and other factors.

Direct mail is a powerful communication and marketing tool with amazing abilities. It can impact your audience and drive ROI, but only when done right. Make sure you avoid these direct mail fails and take the time to plan your campaign thoroughly. If you need further assistance with a direct mail campaign, please call US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282.