Fall is quickly approaching, and with it comes that ghoulish holiday where jack-o-lanterns gleam from porches and people disguise themselves in elaborate costumes for one night. That’s right, Halloween is almost here, and if your business hasn’t at least considered adding a Halloween marketing campaign to your agenda, then you’re missing out! Halloween is expected to drive over $7 billion in retail sales in 2012, so make sure you capitalize on this holiday before it’s too late!

How do you know if a Halloween marketing campaign could work for your business? Well, some businesses have it easy; if you sell costumes, candy, party favors or decorations, then you would be a fool not to be partaking in the Halloween marketing craze.

However, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this popular holiday! Even if your products aren’t specifically Halloween-related, you could release a special Halloween line of products to shake things up! Pet supplies stores, take note: Did you know that 11% of pet owners dress up their pets for Halloween?

Another great way to participate in the Halloween marketing season is to run a contest! This can be a great tactic for B2B marketers who don’t have a physical product to sell. If you can run a successful contest, (costume photo contests are a great choice), then you can use the Halloween hype to draw some attention to your business, even if your services themselves can’t really be adapted to the season.

Another option to think about is sponsoring a local Halloween event. Is there a haunted house in your neighborhood? Small, local events with tighter budgets are always happy to gain sponsors in exchange for marketing your business.

If all else fails, run a Halloween-themed promotion! When it comes to Halloween marketing, the most important thing is just to be creative! Once you get those creative juices flowing, we think you’ll find that almost any business can and should capitalize on the Halloween marketing season in one way or another. If you need help getting your spooktacular Halloween campaign underway, please give US Data Corporation a call at (888) 610-3282.