Can you believe it? It’s almost mid-December already! Hopefully you are planning ways to stay connected to your audience throughout this important time of the year. If you are like most businesses, then email marketing probably plays a huge role in your holiday marketing strategy. Email marketing lets you reach your audience in a place they most likely check every day: their inbox.

Creating great-looking email marketing campaigns is easier than you think! You do not have to be an email wizard or graphic design guru to craft a professional-looking email creative. There are plenty of resources on the internet where you can get email templates to use. In today’s post, I have rounded up a few different websites where you can get ready-made email templates for your holiday marketing.


99designs offers customized designs by crowdsourcing designers. After you submit to 99designs what kind of email template design you want, the company will have designers bang out templates for you. You get to choose a design from 30 to 90 different designs, depending on which payment package you purchase. Customers also have the option of purchasing already-made email templates.


CrowdSpring is very similar to CrowdSpring is an online market place for crowdsourced creatives, including email templates. Customers post what they need, when they need it, and how much they are willing to pay. Once this is posted, designers will submit different email templates for you to choose from.

Microsoft Office

Good ol’ Office templates. Office by Microsoft offers a selection of holiday email marketing templates that are Outlook compatible. You can upload the template into Outlook directly and customize it from there. These templates allow you to insert your own images and text into the template. These are great simple templates without all the extra fluff and filler. Simply download a template and customize it to fit your needs.

Rocket Mail

Rocket Mail offers clean, modern email templates that can be used for any occasion, including holiday email marketing. You can choose from 6 color themes, 6 layouts, and 2 backgrounds. When you purchase Rocket Mail, it includes 72 email templates, layered PSDs, and commented HTML code. Rocket Mail is compatible with most major email clients including: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook 2007-2013, Thunderbird, Hotmail, and Apple Mail.

The Suite

The Suite is much like Rocket Mail as it offers a variety of email templates and layouts. These email templates are responsive and feature inline CSS and easily editable and repeatable modules. It is compatible with most email clients and programs such as MailChimp, Outlook, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Gmail, as well as most mobile and tablet devices.


Holiday email marketing helps to promote your holiday offers, get the word out about your holiday events, or just keep customers updated on everything that your business is up to as you head into the New Year. Even if the holidays are not your busiest time of the year, you can still use holiday email marketing to wish your audience a jolly holiday and a happy New Year. Get your holiday email campaigns up-and-running in no time using these email templates.