Even with the rise of email marketing over the years, people still love getting physical mail. Although it might seem easier to run an email marketing campaign, direct mail continues to be a powerful marketing tool for bringing back previous customers and targeting new ones. By injecting your direct mail campaigns with a little fun and creativity, you can bring life back into this form of traditional advertising. If you want to run an engaging direct mail campaign, it helps if you focus on these 4 things that direct mail recipients love.

Personalized Offers

People love offers that are tailored to them. Instead of addressing something to a random customer, you can personalize your direct mail piece to fit the recipient.  You can consider putting the recipient’s name in the headline or tailoring your message to fit their specific wants and needs. Since marketing data and mailing lists can be highly targeted, you should be able to personalize your offers and make your recipients feel like they received a direct mail piece just for them.

Free Samples

Everyone loves getting free stuff, so including free samples will really help get your recipients’ attention. Free samples are a great way to prove that you stand behind your product and that you believe your potential customers will love what you’re offering. Including free samples is also a great way to keep your brand in the front of your customers’ minds. This will also increase the likelihood that they will think of your products and services in the future.

An Enticing Design

Getting creative with your packaging is an excellent way to draw your recipients in. Presenting your direct mail piece in creative ways will entice your recipients to investigate your products and services further. Since you have to catch your recipients’ attention fast, they will also be less likely to throw your direct mail piece in the trash if it’s something exciting. Also, consider investing in a graphic designer if you don’t have one in-house. This will help make your brand stand out.

Easy-to-Redeem Coupons

Directly sending your customers easy-to-redeem coupons is a good way to bring in more business. Whether it’s a coupon code for a certain percentage off, free shipping, or a discount to use at a physical location—your recipients will be more likely to redeem it if they don’t have to jump through any hoops to get it. Offering coupons is a good way to get potential customers to your site and into your stores. Customers love being rewarded for their loyalty, so make sure you keep that in mind.

Since many of us are overwhelmed with email messages and digital advertisements, it can become more practical to market through a medium that has become less popular, but even more effective, over the years.  Direct mail marketing is still a proven way to reach potential customers and keep the ones you have. As long as you keep your campaigns exciting and engaging, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of running a direct mail campaign of your own.