Finding inspiration for your summer email campaigns isn’t difficult when you start looking for it. Just this morning, I logged into my email account and found at least 5 summer-related emails from companies I had previously purchased from in the last few months. Now is a great time to get going on a summer themed email campaign, so once you’ve secured your email list, consider sending it out ASAP. In addition to checking out your own inbox for inspiration, take this time to peek into mine!

Pacific Sunwear

Not only does Pacific Sunwear focus on creating an intriguing summer-themed email creative, they already have us thinking about the 4th of July. This is a fairly simple email creative that invites recipients to check out their whole summer collection.

The Take-Away:

Your email creative doesn’t have to be complicated; sometimes keeping it simple works much better. StreamSend gives great advice by explaining, “Keeping the content simple and quick to scan is key…Simple is what helps keep an audience engaged. It creates maximum effectiveness for the email marketer with minimal effort from the recipient.” Try focusing on one image that you feel encapsulates your brand and the summer season.

Charlotte Ruse

This clothing company’s summer email creative gets a little more complicated, but it gives recipients a lot of information about their products.  Charlotte Ruse lets us immediately know what their deals are and what we’ll be able to purchase. It also gives us links directly to those deals, which is extremely helpful.


The Take-Away:

Charlotte Ruse’s summer email creative uses bold fonts in order to highlight their call-to-action. Sometimes making your emails extremely clear is the right way to go. Let your recipients know exactly what the deal is and where they should go to get it.


Delia’s email creative lets us know right away that we need to act fast. Below the image is a link to start shopping, so the email works well. The bold font and color used for 50% off makes the deal clear and lets people know exactly what they’re getting.


The Take-Away:

If you have a great deal, like 50% off, you want to make it the main focus of your email creative. Don’t let that get lost in a bunch of images and links. Delia’s does this well by avoiding overwhelming recipients with other information they don’t need.

How you build your summer email creative all depends on your offer and the products and services you’re trying to promote for the season. Hopefully these email creatives have given you some inspiration so you can begin to build your own for your summer email campaign! If you’re interested in running an email campaign this summer, call us at (888) 578-3282 to get started.