Summer is approaching fast, which means barbecues, warm summer nights, going to the beach, and, of course, Father’s Day. Father’s Day may not be the most popular amongst gift-buying holidays, compared to Mother’s Day or Christmas, but spending is on the rise. According to research by the National Retail Federation, spending is expected to reach $12.7 billion in the US this year. It is important for marketers to take advantage of this day and plan exciting deals for Dad. Here are a few quick tips on how to make your Father’s Day email campaign stand out.

Promote Father’s Day Products

Here’s a shout out to all the socks and ties that get sold for Father’s Day, but you don’t have to exclusively stick to those items. Think about all the other stuff people will want to snatch up for Father’s Day. Things like cards, grilling accessories, tool kits, tech, monthly subscription boxes – the list goes on. If you sell any kind of product or service that you think dads would be interested in, send out an email campaign to let people know!

Provide an Offer

Along with providing great Father’s Day gift ideas, make sure to offer an awesome Father’s Day promotion as well. Send an email campaign to alert your customers about your Father’s Day sale. Make sure to mention the discount amount in the subject line (45% off All Men’s Wear!) to get people’s attention.

Be “Punny”!

Dads are cool, dads are funny and dads aren’t afraid of cheesy one-liners. You shouldn’t be, either. Catch your subscriber’s eye with a lighthearted joke and a little wordplay in your email campaign. It’s okay to be punny. For example, you can use a funny email subject line like “5 Everydad Gift Ideas”.

Send Email, Repeat

Sending just one email is not always enough. By sending multiple email campaigns, you can maximize the possibility of conversions. By sending a series of emails, you get more chances to get in front of your subscribers, and for them to get familiar with your brand. Sometimes, we need a bit of a push to get things done. You may have a great offer for your customer and their dad, but you need to remind them to finally click “Complete Order”.

Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s up to you to remind your customer to think about Dad. A very wide range of products and services can be advertised for this special day. Although socks and ties may be the traditional Father’s day gifts, not all dads are alike. They have many different tastes, hobbies, interests and needs. No matter what business you are in, you can tailor your email campaign for this exceptional holiday. For additional email marketing advice, please feel free to contact US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282.