Will I be able to use the mailing list more than once?

In order to maintain the integrity of our data, we must limit the use of our mailing lists. You can purchase a multiple-use mailing list if you intend to do multiple mailing campaigns, but at a slightly higher price. Be wary of any list company who will sell you a list without these types of use restrictions. Their data is often “beat up” and this will show in your response. Almost 20 percent of America has some kind of change in their contact information every year. Not only will an old and beat up list produce lower response rates but it will also waste lots of postage on undeliverable mail. US Data Corporation compiles and updates data freshly, all day and every day. The amount of data hygiene we perform so far exceeds industry norms that we are often accused of overkill. Even on lists acquired for multiple use we require our clients to update their files monthly to act in accordance with the National Do-Not-Call Registry Guidelines. Every time you call a person on the Do-Not-Call Registry, you could be fined up to $11,000, so it is in everyone’s best interest to keep your list updated and clean.

What sort of information will I receive with each mailing list record?

The short answer is “every list is different”. Generally, we have a set of base “selects” that come with every file and additional selects can be added for an additional charge. Our General Consumer file, Mortgage Database and Timeshare Database come with Name and Address. Our General Business List file comes with Company Name, Address, SIC Code, SIC Code Description, Key Decision Maker Name and Phone. If you are purchasing a Specialty Mailing List or you are interested in more than what comes with the base list price, please ask your list expert to go over what additional selects are available and what the pricing is for each. It is our goal to set your expectations correctly from the start so you don’t feel you’ve been led astray.

Do you guarantee your data?

Yes we do! Our 100% guarantee is as follows:

If our lists do not exceed industry standards for accuracy we will replace the defective data 100%.

So nobody is confused, here are the four specific standards relevant to US Data Corporation’s Guarantee:

* 95% USPS Mail Deliverability Rate or Higher

* 85% Telephonic Contact Rate or Higher

* 100% Address Standardization

* 100% Regulatory Compliance

If you receive anything less than a 95% deliverability rate on your mailing campaign or 85% contact rate on your telemarketing campaign, we will replace that poor-performing data at no cost. To be clear, we will not replace the entire mailing list, just the poor-performing data. The reason why we have these guarantees is because we are so certain that our data will exceed these goals and your list will be the absolute best in the industry.

Are you the source of the data or a broker?

We are both a data compiler (which means we are the source of the data) and a data amalgamator (which means we bring in outside sources of data). We, by no means, believe our data is the ONLY high quality data out there, so US Data Corporation regularly pulls in data from outside sources to ensure we are providing the best data in the industry. The relationships we have made over the decades we’ve been in the list industry are amongst our strongest attributes. We know all of the major data sources and they know us. We know which data sources maintain the same level of quality as we do and which data sources are producing good results. Naturally the benefits of our knowledge and relationships is passed along to our clients in the form of greater ROI. ALL of our data passes through the US Data Corporation 5 Step Data Hygiene Process and our Multiple Verification Process, so there will never be a difference between the quality of our in-house data and that which we have outsourced.

Where are you located? Do you have multiple offices?

US Data Corporation was founded in Omaha, Nebraska, the data capital of the world. Our corporate office is located in Omaha still and we have about 35 employees in this location. Back in 2006, we opened a second branch in sunny Southern California
(Agoura Hills, CA) and this office holds about 15 employees. We are continually growing and moving into new avenues in order to bring the most current and best performing marketing services in the industry to our clients.

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