Summer is an exciting time for email marketing. It’s no secret we appreciate a good email marketing campaign. We also happen to be huge fans of summer, so it only makes sense to combine the two and present a round-up of what we think are awesome summer email marketing campaigns of 2016, so far. These 5 email campaigns showcase attention-grabbing images and graphics, fresh layouts, fun elements, and more. We’ll go over our top picks and explain why these summer email marketing campaigns are shout-out worthy.


Customers want to hear about your exclusive deals! Special summer sales and offering discounts via email can be an useful tool for both customer acquisition and customer loyalty. ASOS did a great job of making the offer visible by using bright contrasting colors and bold fonts to get the message across. Then they added images of their products that are on sale with the original price and new sale price to visually show how much the customer will be saving.

American Eagle

Not only does this summer email marketing campaign tell you about their “Sun Fun Sale” but it tells the customer that the discount is only available online until a certain date. This helps to create a sense of urgency for the call-to-action. That is what leads the customer to take immediate action.

Oh My Rockness

This summer email marketing campaign may not appeal to everyone, but it will appeal to anyone that loves free summer concerts. This email makes it very clear that this email is a guide to all of your favorite summer concerts in Los Angeles. You’ve got your colorful bold print, the keyword “summer” used multiple times throughout the copy, and summery graphics used to get the reader in the mood.

Kate Spade 1

Sometimes, simple is best. If you want people to engage with your emails, give them a reason to. This clean and minimalistic summer email marketing campaign from Kate Spade is an easy read as well as an easy click away from taking action.

Kate Spade 2

Yes, another Kate Spade summer email marketing campaign, but we can’t help it! Did you see that? Did you see it move? Look at how cute that ship GIF is! This small bit of animation helps Kate Spade’s email stand out from all of the static ones.