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Social Media Marketing: Using Twitter to Your Advantage

Social media marketing is an important strategy that is becoming more and more vital for all businesses. Maintaining an online presence...

US Data Corporation’s Free Marketing Resources

Looking for resources to help you improve your marketing strategies? Need to educate yourself on new marketing techniques you have yet to try? Look no further! US Data Corporation now offers free marketing resources so that you can learn everything you need to ensure your marketing campaigns live up to their full potential!


9 Worst Marketing Emails Ever Received

Email marketing campaigns can be highly effective when targeted well, used sparingly, and presented in a professional manner. But as beneficial...


3 Things Abraham Lincoln Can Teach Us About Building A Brand

Even today, Abraham Lincoln is powerfully connected with values like honesty, integrity, and the American Dream. But he didn't become one of our most respected presidents without knowing quite a bit about marketing his own cause. Here are three lessons we can learn from Abe about creating our own strong brand identities.