Mother’s Day falls on May 8th this year. That’s only a week and a half away! However, it is not too late to get a Mother’s Day email campaign plan ready to send to your subscribers for this special holiday. Mother’s Day is as much about the giver as it is about the receiver. Mother’s Day is filled with love and appreciation, and needless to say, you can also use these emotions to trigger and drive email response rates. As a business, Mother’s Day is filled with revenue and engagement opportunities, don’t miss out!

According to statistics on Statistic Brain, there are over 85 million mothers in the U.S. alone and over $20 billion is spent on Mother’s Day gifts. 120,000,000 transactions are made online. With statistics like that, you don’t want to miss out or mess up your Mother’s Day email campaign. This holiday is not only for retailers or those that sell services geared towards mothers. No matter what type of industry your business is in, there are ways to cater to your customers. Here are a few Mother’s Day Email Campaign tips.

1.   Many people don’t know what to get for their loved one, so help them with suggestions. Showcase your most popular products and/or services in an email campaign. If your email marketing is more advanced, then use list segmentation helps marketers create a more personalized Mother’s Day email campaign experience for their subscribers. US Data Corporation provides email lists of all demographics, age, gender, location, buying habits, etc. to make it easy for businesses to reach the right customers with the right offer.

2.   Flowers and candy marketers are not in full swing until about two weeks before Mother’s Day. Use this time period to provide your subscribers with gift suggestions and incentives through your Mother’s Day email campaign. Consider emailing your subscribers coupons and special offers right until Mother’s Day, because we know some of us are procrastinators until the end.

3.   Post-holiday festivities can be just as heart-warming. According to an article on Direct Marketing News, Mother’s Day email open rates peak post-holiday. This information reveals opportunity to send up follow-up emails after Mother’s Day as a last-minute nudge. Make sure to sweeten a Mother’s Day email campaign with a promotion like free shipping or extra credit.

4.   Use creative and/or heartstring-pulling subject lines for your Mother’s Day email campaign. Here are some great subject line examples:

5 Gift Ideas Only a Mother Could Love

If Mom’s Not Happy, Nobody Is

How to Choose the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is Next Sunday! Perfect Gift Ideas

Treat Mom Like Royalty

Mother’s Day – It’s Only Once a Year – Make it Special

Fun fact, Mother’s Day emails with urgency in the subject line have more than double the transaction rates of other Mother’s Day emails. Make sure to send an email campaign that celebrates the holiday. Don’t be too pushy with the sales; instead, show your appreciation for your customers and their loved ones. For more Mother’s Day email campaign tips, please call US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282.