It’s officially fall! You know what that means: leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice lattes, and, of course, the most infamous holiday of the season, Halloween! According to statistics by the National Retail Association, more than 157 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year. Total spending on Halloween is estimated to top $6.9 billion. Seasonal marketing has always been a favorite time for marketers to capitalize on, and what better way to get into the marketing spirit than with a Halloween direct mail campaign? Take advantage of this fun holiday with some spooktacular direct mail marketing. It’s never too early to start planning for your next direct mail campaign. As with any major holiday, the earlier you start to prepare, the better. Halloween will be right at your doorstep before you know it! Below are 4 ways to incorporate Halloween spirit into your direct mail campaign this year.

Send Them a Spooktacular Catalog

Often, the first to get the Halloween pumpkin rolling are costume businesses. They usually start marketing towards the end of August by sending out catalogs as their first Halloween direct mail campaign. You can learn from them by doing the same with your own business. If you’re in the retail industry, a catalog can be perfect for spurring autumn sales. It’s okay if your business doesn’t sell Halloween-themed items, just make sure your creative evokes the Halloween spirit. Make sure to incorporate colors like black and orange, and spooky graphics like bats, ghosts, vampires, etc.


Offer Them a Sweet Treat

You can play on the trick-or-treat tradition during the days leading up to Halloween by giving away a free sample or a special Halloween deal. You can send out brochures, flyers, or even greeting cards with a holiday treat for your target audience. Make sure that along with your promotion you write attention-grabbing copy to keep your customer’s focus on your direct mail piece. Some examples of Halloween promotions are: A local bakery can send out a flyer that includes a coupon for a free ghost-shaped cookie if used by October 31st.


Lure Them in with a Haunting Story

If you haven’t heard, good marketing requires good storytelling. Storytelling is a powerful marketing technique for branding and building relationships. It is an age-old concept that brings people together and keeps them engaged. With that being said, tell your audience a Halloween-themed story to get their attention. Get people leafing through every listing and section of your direct mail catalog or brochure by including Halloween tidbits, history, and tales scattered throughout the direct mail piece to keep them engaged.


Give Away Tips to Stay Safe from Tricks

Remember hearing horror stories about razors being found in candy on Halloween? Parents love safety tips and ideas. If you are a business that works with children or parents, send out a Halloween direct mail campaign promoting safety tips specifically for that holiday. You can send them a direct mail piece with Halloween safety tips printed directly on it, or you can notify customers through the mail piece to visit your store or your website for more information.


Not only is Halloween arguably one of the most fun holidays this season, but it can also be a profitable one. A Halloween direct mail campaign is the perfect way to jump start your holiday marketing efforts, and bring in more business for the fall. It is also a great time to get creative with your marketing campaigns and engage your audience in a fun way. Follow these scary-easy direct mail marketing tips for your own Halloween campaign and take advantage of this billion-dollar holiday. Want to get started on your Halloween direct mail campaign? Contact US Data Corporation at (888) 578-3282 for a highly-targeted mailing list today!

Have you done any Halloween direct mail marketing of your own? What do you plan to do this year? Let us know below!