Pinterest is a great site because it allows you to easily find and save references that you can use later on by “pinning” them to your boards. When it comes to marketing, not only is it helpful to have a Pinterest profile set up for your company, but the site offers many opportunities to learn invaluable marketing techniques that can be applied to your own strategy.

Whether you’re a Pinterest pro or just starting out, you can always learn more about how to use social media to improve your marketing strategy. If you’re looking for ways to improve your marketing campaigns, these professional boards will help motivate and inspire you.

1) Social Media: Mashable 

Mashable provides a lot of content about technology, social media, and gadgets through their website, which will help further your understanding of marketing in general. Their Pinterest account has well over a million followers, so it’s clear they’re doing something right. Mashable’s Social Media board in particular is a great resource for any marketer. Not only do they cover current events that will affect marketing, but they offer tips on how to improve your company’s social media strategy.

2) All Things Customer: Social Media Today

As a provider of great social media posts covering a wide variety of topics, Social Media Today also shares their expertise frequently through their Pinterest account. Their board, All Things Customer, provides excellent marketing information regarding customer relations. Obviously, when it comes to marketing, a big goal is to keep your current customers, along with bringing in new ones. Following this board can help you discover the best ways to keep bringing in business.

3) Marketing Essentials: Team MarketingProfs

Most of the boards are extremely useful on the Pinterest for MarketingProfs, but their Marketing Essentials board takes the cake. Their pins include general marketing tips and surveys that should help you focus your marketing efforts and decide what will work best for your company. After scanning through their helpful articles, you should get a better understanding of your consumers and how you should operate as a marketer.

4) The Power of Marketing: Direct Marketing News

An important thing to understand when trying to drive in more business is the power of marketing, which Direct Marketing News provides on its board of the same name. Not only do you need to know how to market to your customers, but you should know why it’s so important and what sort of power it holds. By following their marketing board, you’ll find great resources on how to connect with your customers and how to keep a relationship with them, which is what you want to achieve through your campaigns.

5) Social Media Tips: Entrepreneur 

Enterpreneur’s Pinterest offers great resources on how to effectively use social media for your business, which is important when forming your own company’s marketing strategy. Their Social Media Tips board provides all sorts of marketing advice, ranging from trends in digital marketing to utilizing hashtags. Being able to access all of these articles in one place will be help you organize your strategies and develop an excellent marketing campaign.

It’s clear that Pinterest can be a useful place to find and save marketing resources. Have you had a positive experience with Pinterest? What are some of your favorite marketing boards? Share them with us!