Email marketing is a valuable tool when it comes to branding your business. Whether or not your business is B2C or B2B, branding is an important part of developing credibility and customer loyalty. However, we focus on lead generation so often, many people don’t realize that email marketing can be effectively used as a brand awareness tactic as well. Let’s delve into the basics of branded email marketing to examine its uses and strengths.

Common marketing knowledge tells us that people must encounter a branded message 7 times before they will recognize that brand. What’s more, it is rare for people to do business with companies they don’t recognize. This means that getting your brand message out there, even if it doesn’t immediately generate new leads, is very important in developing long-term relationships with potential clients. This will ultimately translate into dedicated and loyal customers down the road.

An email marketing campaign for branding purposes requires a slightly different approach than one for new lead generation. Think of a branded email marketing campaign as a virtual billboard: Your brand message just needs to reach the same people 7 times, even if they don’t pay much attention, and even if it doesn’t change each time. Your goal is not necessarily to be every person’s favorite all-time brand, because for most of us that is not a feasible goal. All you really need is to lodge your brand in the back of people’s minds, so that they will think of you the next time their needs match what you offer. This means sending 7 or more email marketing broadcasts to the same target audience. It may seem redundant, but that’s exactly the point: Repetition is key when it comes to branding.

This also goes for the email creative itself. The more you change from message to message translates into less material for people to identify with your brand over time. So keep it simple and consistent. Keep your subject line the same. You don’t even need to change your offer that much between your broadcasts; you can tweak the details, but the basic message needs to be the same. Use the same color scheme, and make sure your logo is always visible and prominently placed. If your business has a slogan or motto, be sure to include that, too. Give people every opportunity to repeatedly see and register your brand’s defining characteristics.

While having a call-to-action is still important when it comes to email marketing for branding purposes, it may not be the ultimate indicator of the campaign’s success. You definitely want to give prospects the opportunity to take action and do business with you if they are so inclined, but the primary goal of a branding campaign is recognition, not action. Many people won’t even begin to interact with your brand until after that 7th message is sent.  Some will simply store your information away until they need your services sometime in the future, and that’s okay! Branding email marketing campaigns are all about reaping long-term rewards, and they definitely pay off down the road.

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