Even with less than a week left until Easter, there’s still time to run a last-minute email marketing campaign. Keep in mind that many schools have the week off after Easter for spring break, so you can expand your offers and promotions to remain active throughout this time. Instead of just focusing on the upcoming holiday, you can also focus on springtime and the quickly-approaching summer season. There’s time left for an email campaign, so get started today! Here are a few tips to get you going.

Offer time-sensitive promotions

Since you want your customers to act fast during Easter weekend, you need to make your promotions time-sensitive. This means that your offers need to expire within a week or so after Easter. If you want to make your promotions run into the week after Easter for spring break, you can do that, but make sure they don’t continue long after that. This creates a sense of urgency for your potential customers to redeem your offers and will bring in more business during this time. Be sure to make this clear in your email campaign by keeping your call-to-action and any deadlines front and center. There are many ways to optimize your call-to-action, so figure out what works best for your campaign.

Focus on new beginnings

Easter is about renewal and new beginnings, so try to make that the focus of your email campaign. With spring here and summer on its heels, perhaps this is a great opportunity to unveil some of your newer products and services. If you sell clothing, for example, this is the perfect time to focus on some of your new releases for spring and summer. Use the theme of a fresh start to build an email marketing campaign for your company that will drive in more business for the season.

Relate your products to Easter and spring

Even if the products and services you provide have nothing to do with Easter or spring, you can still find ways to relate to the holiday. Focus on a winning email design that inspires your recipients to purchase from you during this time. Even if you don’t want to use a religious theme, there are still many things that represent Easter without all the connotations. Play it safe by choosing a colorful springtime theme and focus on images including flowers, birds, trees, etc., instead.

Make it fun

What really helps during this season is to make your email campaign interactive and fun. For any holiday type promotions, people want to experience something joyous and exciting when opening your emails. During the past few years, some fun new email marketing tactics have been tested, including the use of animated GIFs in email marketing campaigns. Although including a video in your email campaign is never a good idea, a recent Dell GIF-centric email marketing campaign revealed a 109% increase in revenue and a 103% increase in conversion rate when they included a GIF. If you’re looking to add something new and attention-catching to your email marketing campaign, this might be a good tactic to consider.

Quick email marketing campaigns take a little creativity, but there’s definitely time to pull one off before the holiday season is over. Does your company plan on running an email campaign? Did we miss any important tips or tricks? Share with us!