The mother of all questions in the email marketing field is what kind of email list to use. There are many ways to go about designing and configuring an email list. The two most common are single and double opt-in email lists. Single opt-in email lists typically just require the subscriber to enter their name and email address. After that they are automatically on the email list. A double opt-in email list, however, starts off the exact same as a single opt-in, but then sends out a confirmation email to the subscriber that usually has a confirmation link that must be followed in order to be added to the list. It is a tad more expensive, but double opt-in lists’ results speak for themselves. Double opt-in lists are, by far, the most productive. The reasons your money is better spent on a double opt-in list are simple:

• It ensures that the email owner does, indeed, want to receive the marketing information. Anyone can enter someone’s name and email address as a prank or a cruel joke, but with a double opt-in email list the owner of that email account has a chance to opt-out.
• A double opt-in list is a picture perfect, shining example of a targeted list. Targeted marketing lists are compiled all the time, but imagine an email list where every single person on it has confirmed TWICE that they want to see what you have to offer. Now imagine your ROI from this double opt-in email list versus a single opt-in, or even a general list where the data is only modeled.
• Email lists that are double opt-in also have a lesser chance of being labeled as spam. Confirmation logs will protect you from the anti-spam legislation. Why is this important? Being labeled as a spammer is a very bad thing for any email marketer. First of all, most people don’t read spam mail. Second, it can result in spam complaints, which in turn can result in the potential banning of your domain name by major ISP’s. Having a lesser chance of being labeled as spam is a huge advantage, because once you are blacklisted in the email world it is very hard to recover.

So when you’re faced with what kind of email list to purchase, remember that sometimes spending a little bit more money can pay of huge in the end. There is nothing about any other kind of email marketing list that gives you the kind of verification and almost guarantee that a double opt-in email list does. So think long-term, think results, think smart, and market smart. Use double opt-in email lists and its results will pay for itself and then some.


What Is A Double Opt-In Email List And Why Is It Important?