Vine, the six second video app which was purchased by Twitter in 2012, has proven to be an effective form of marketing for anyone willing to get creative. Armed with a smart phone, you can do a lot nowadays through video marketing, even with only six seconds at your disposal. With big name brands like Urban Outfitters, Rolling Stone, and Adidas realizing Vine’s potential as a social media marketing tool, it might benefit your company to get in on the action. Considering you don’t have to spend any money to produce a six second video, it’s definitely worth a shot! Here are a few dos and don’ts of using the video platform Vine.


Keep your brand in mind.

Vine gives you the opportunity to further explore your brand, so make sure all your marketing efforts fit in with how you want people to view your company. Use familiar logos and make sure people know what the point of your video is. Make sure your company’s products and services are the main focus.

Humanize your company.

Quick video marketing gives you the opportunity to really introduce your company to your customers. Through your social media sites, it helps to present your brand as relatable and fun. Getting too serious with Vine videos probably won’t get anyone too interested in what you have to say. Try getting your employees involved!

Show off a product or service.

Depending on what you sell, using Vine to show off a product could be a big win. Use the six seconds to demonstrate how something works or what makes your products unique. This is a great way to provide a sneak peek and generate interest in your company.


Try to share too much information.

You only have six seconds, so you really need to get to the point of your video. Come up with a concept that will create a quick video, don’t adapt something from a longer idea. Since longer ideas are meant for YouTube, you need to think of a short idea and figure out what images will help that idea come across to your audience. Your idea needs to be simple enough to convey quickly.

Forget your message.

Don’t Vine just because you can. If you don’t have a message or concept, people won’t care about your videos. What are you trying to sell? What are you trying to say about your company? Going in with a clear idea will help you keep your message in mind.

The point is simplicity is key when it comes to using Vine for video marketing, and a simple idea could really make waves on the internet. Has your company used Vine as a social media marketing tool? Are there any tips you’d like to add? Share with us!